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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Funny moments & Clips

Look what I found? Yes – the NG moments of Only you – gotta love it because its so darn funny. This clip came out after TVB have released all the episodes of Only You. Just wanting to share with you all – hope you all enjoy and laugh till you drop. It’s just too bad that this show ended so soon eh? I love watching this show every day and its become one of my biggest hobby. Too bad – gotta adapt to a newer show now. I hope there is series 2 next year. What is your thought to that? Do you think that there will be a series 2??? Leave comment below to share with us!

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 30

Last episode! I finally watched it – pretty sweet gotta say. Summer decided to stay and be the one of the boss of “Only You & Me”. I believe the purpose he stayed was because of Mandy – after King and the girlfriend past away – he probably realized how precious life is and that’s why he stayed. I love the ending a lot – so sweet eh? Summer can be a really sweet guy!! Other than that – this was an Happy Ending show – could there be a series 2?? I believe so – there’s still so much for me to learn about the Chinese tradition !!

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 29

This is one of the saddest episode I ever watched – the couple dies from a car accident – I mean they were so lovey dovey and getting ready for the wedding. Out of all the sudden – they both pasts away because of a car accident. Isn’t that very saddening? I hope this will make the people around them to appreciate life and their love ones. I believe this will give Summer an open eye to cherish Mandy. Tomorrow is the ending for this drama – wonder what will it be? Happy ending or sad ending? I have a feeling that Summer and Mandy will be married happily ever after. What’s your thought about it?

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 28

I’ve been all caught up with this show – so far this show is pretty good. How are you all loving it? In the beginning – I didn’t really like it much because there wasn’t much of a storyline to it – but now its a different story. I watch it every night now and am falling over heels with this show. I feel like this show is teaching me a lot about the Chinese wedding traditions – which I need to know because my wedding is this year and within 3 months. We are skipping most of the traditions. This drama is useful for me eh?

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 10

After all – I told you too good to be true eh? He’s gay and he’s going out with Mandy because of his father. Of course the father wants the generation to go on – but being gay. How possible right? I mean Mandy loves the glam and the money but really – its not real love – she couldn’t stand him. At the end when they broke up – he was actually very mean and cruel – the other side of him came out and it was actually very very very nasty to watch. If I were her – I would go straight to his father and let him know what is going on eh. What about you? Ashley has a really bad personality – that’s for sure.

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 9

What a dream come true eh? If you watch last episode you would know exactly that Mandy found her dream guy. But is he really that good of a guy or he’s all about acting out because of his father? I wonder too – too good to be true eh? I wonder how Mandy would handle him – be a sweet sweet girlfriend? I mean he is one rich guy to be marry to – who wouldn’t right ?? But is the love really there for her or she is lying to herself? I can’t wait to watch the next episode – it’s going to be interesting eh?

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 8

Mandy feels like being forty-two and not married – there is something wrong. But you know what? Sometimes she can’t really rush love right? When love comes – it comes just gotta believe in what god gives her.  But looks like the groomsmen of Angus has a little interest in her – especially Ashley’s father. Any idea how that will go?

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 7

Do you see something weird in this picture? If you follow last episode – you would know that Mandy is one of the bridesmaid of her client/friend. Isn’t that sweet? Getting to be bridesmaid for the very first time. But I do have a feeling that Summer and Mandy will have a relationship near the end of the drama! What is your guess??

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 6

In the first few episodes – we see that Summer wasn’t really reliable and his lifestyle was pretty confusing eh? I thought he wasn’t a all serious type kind of person. But than when you continue to watch – he has a passion for photography and he loves it. Not only that – he has the personality of cheering up people around him – especially with his jokes. His parent left him when he was very small and in his teen years to early adulthood – he met the love of his life. But instead – his love of his life left because of her family. Till now we can still see he is very in love! I wonder if they will ever get to see each other again eh?

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[TVB] Only You 只有您 Episode 5

Looks like I found out the reason why this show is called “Only You” – it is because of the wedding shop that is called “Only You” – very sweet eh? The owner of this shop opened for his wife and named it that – so so so sweet. Looks like the business in this shop is going pretty good. They have everything here – from photographer, to designing your wedding dress and you name it. I wish they have things here in Canada like this at a more affordable price. I’m pretty sure this kind of business do work out here!

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